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01-08-2013, 09:00 PM
Greetings. I'm apart of the Dark Mirror Fleet. We are an old fleet with life timers as well as new timers. We have a mirror universe theme and most importantly, we have NO intention of trying to become just another large fleet.

I've herd it said before, "sometimes it's not about the destination but the journey" and Dark Mirror Fleet believes in that. A T5 starbase will come soon enough.. and honestly the most important thing to us is that the journey to get there is enjoyable. An adventure that the fleet shares together and in the end stands together and is able to say wow, WE did this. WE made it.

We have TS3 and even if we're off doing something not even in game, like cooking dinner or whatever, we still sign on just to hang out and chat. We want to stay small mainly b/c we feel a fleet/guild is about a group of people who, like you said, enjoy each others company. Not about a nameless face or just a number. is our site. Check us out if you like.

The normal times we're on is evening time to late night. 6pm-whenever (-5GMT)