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01-08-2013, 09:38 PM
I'm okay with you expressing your opinion, while I don't agree with all of it, but you were polite.

I do agree with dumping the Dual Beam Bank for another single cannon.

As for the Dumping the Slavers, thier making me Dilithium from the contraband and EC, To'Doj fighters might be good with the DPS, but they're not profitable. So far I've gained 20 contraband and I haven't played in a day or two and haven't had them very long. That's 2000 Dilithium per 5 contraband, so I've made 8000 Dilithium so far (having cashed them all in yet, only about half).

As for the Mines, I swoop in on my target with my cannons to wear down the shield and then when I hit 4km I hit DPA and lay plasma 8 mines, when keep firing and then sometimes my mine doffs kick in and I unleash another four. All of a sudden this big wave of Plasma mines goes crashing into an enemy, which my cannons may have reduced his shields by this point. Plus sometimes quantum mines from my fighters will join them. With plasma fires this is brutal, even when they hit shields. My mines can chew up a Romulan bird of prey very fast.

Plus if you've ever seen mines lock onto a fighter that is flying away from them, its funny watching the mines chase after the fighter. Always catches them in the end.

I do understand APB and I'd go with it if Mines weren't so much fun.

I might just go disruptor single cannons and a turret for weapons for now, there easiest to get.