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01-08-2013, 11:02 PM
I dunno mate I play alot of games and yes it is true there are a ton of factors involved in pvp balance it is not that difficult. Otherwise so many other relatively balanced pvp games would not exist on the market today.

Where I draw the line and get really annoyed, balance wise, is two places. First off releasing obviously overpowered stuff. Like the fleet shields, reputation passives, and many other things that even on paper look insane.

Secondly is PvE balance. Yes PvP has a huge human element but PvE is much more controllable. However Cryptic has yet to even do the first step required for PvE balance and that is choose a philosophy.

Equal but Different, Holy Trinity, or Good at Different Content.

Equal but different: Check out Guild Wars 2 as the most recent example
Holy Trinity: Obvious
Good at Different Content: This is best represented in bad tabletop RPGs but an example in STO would be if Science Vessels got bonus anomalies scanned, Cruisers had the highest Warp speed, things like that. It is like when you have the really good social toon in the group that is horrid at combat but great outside of it.

Which one is STO intended to use? I have no clue. And if that much is not obvious then I will complain about it. I have done tabletop RPGs as DM for years and one of the big things I focus on is ensuring everyone at the table has fun and feels as if their character is contributing to the party/session in a meaningful way. When all 4 players think their character is the best you know you have done a good job. And really the philosophy chosen is just a matter of preference as they all can work out well depending on the style of game they just require a different form of encounter design and/or system design.