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Still learning the subtle points of the game but a mechanic questions on damage calculations.

If at 50 weapon power your weapons do the listed damage and if at 100 power its does double, how does the percent increase from skills, consoles or other buffs affected the numbers? For example ..

If at 50 power a weapon does 100pts and at 100 power it does 200pts. How would a console with a 20% increase affect the damage calculations would it be 120pts (@50 power) and 240pts (@100 power)? I am used to CoH numbers affecting just the base value and not tested the mechanic of STO.

Also, I read stacking consoles gives diminishing returns. Do points invested in skills, consoles and other buff when added together give diminishing returns or treated differently for coming from different sources?

Celtic Fist
Base Damage = Weapon Type + Console bonus + Skill bonus + Weapon Level/Quality bonus

Actual Damage = Base Damage * Weapon Power Mod * Damage Mod (Attack Pattern Omega/Alpha for example)

You also have your crit multiplier for average DPS and firing speed modifiers like from cannon rapid fire if you wish to get technical. Along with energy drain mechanics and something else I'm forgetting which just gets annoying, thats right range modifier. This is why those little escorts, well any DHC packing ship, make cruiser beam damage look so pathetic. They get to stack the highest and most multipliers on to the highest damaging weapons.