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01-09-2013, 12:23 AM
Originally Posted by mnso2 View Post
ok so im no math wiz.. how much more dmg is 1 console at say 30%? its not 30% overall dmg but what is it really?? 5% or 10%?? maybe more, maybe less???

i would like to know if its a big difference between those 2 ships. fleet patrol and fleet tactical retro. at the moment im not sure if 1 console is worth the boff i wouldnt use.
It depends, are your damage skills maxed out, what quality the console is and the ones you currently have equipped.

I can tell you on a DHC a blue MK 11 specific damage type console (+26.2%) will increase the damage per volley by 45.7 at 125 weapon power.

Just take the ship you have now, take off one of the consoles and note the difference on the tooltip (while on a space map but not sector space like outside ESD) damage. An extra one will add the same exact amount.