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ok so im no math wiz.. how much more dmg is 1 console at say 30%? its not 30% overall dmg but what is it really?? 5% or 10%?? maybe more, maybe less???

i would like to know if its a big difference between those 2 ships. fleet patrol and fleet tactical retro. at the moment im not sure if 1 console is worth the boff i wouldnt use.
An extra Mk XII purple weapon will boost base weapon damage by 30%. However, keep in mind that this 30% is tacked onto a cumulative percentile damage bonus as opposed to being evaluated individually. Since energy weapon damage = 2% * current weapon subsystem energy, if you run your ship at 50 weapon energy and 4x 30% weapon consoles, then the total will be 100% + 30%*4 = 220% listed base weapon damage. Increase weapon subsystem power to 125 and you will see 250% + 30%*4 = 370% listed base weapon damage. Skill spec's will also add to the final figures above.

If you spot any errors above, please feel free to correct the errant figures.