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When TNG production began, was Patrick as much of an uptight stress case as he made himself out to be? Did he really call a meeting of all the featured actors to discuss his feelings about the future of the series? Did the two of you butt heads, so to speak?

Tasha has always been one of my favourite Star Trek characters, of any franchise. I still cry when I watch "Skin of Evil" to this day, and being a grown man I'm not afraid to say that. A very powerful, moving performance from all involved.

Whatever the reasons for your departure may've been, I respect your decision. I've read that Gene was disappointed and I understand why. I think you're brilliant. You left an indelible mark on the series, and your departure made the show more real, in my opinion. Sometimes I've heard Trek fans criticize TNG for being too "utopian" or not as "dark" as the other series. Your finale became one of the definitive moments to prove this is not the case. In my opinion, Season One is indispensable thanks to you.


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