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01-08-2013, 11:50 PM
Originally Posted by errab View Post
I have to say it looks great; however, I'm having a tough time trying to find a good BO setup for it.

My Science Captain is pretty much all Science speced and the Recluse almost forces you to put a Tac in the universal Commander slot.

My setup in the Vo'Quv had the perfect blance between Science and Tactical skills.

With my Vo'Quv I could use Target Subsystems Shields 3, Cannon Rapid Fire 1 and Tactical Team 1 and still had Gravity Well 3, Tyken's Rift 1 and a bunch more Science skills to play with.

The Recluse has me stumped because you either have 5 Tactical Skills and 4 Science Skills or 8 Science Skills and 1 Tactical skill.

If the Recluse had a Lt. Commander Tactical station it would have been a much better vessel for me but with only its ensign Tactical station it's looking like I'll be back in my Vo'Quv very soon.

If anyone has any good BO setups for the Recluse feel free to share, I'd like to get a return on that 50 million Ec I dropped on the thing

I guess I could come up with a pure Science BO setup, at least that way I'd be able to keep using my GW3 and TR1.
the best thing about the recluse is the universal i tend to switch out boffs for the situation engi for when i wanna tank or sci for surpport but yeah if u want dps go for tact

also for fighters if u want pure dmg go for skull fighters, but if ur fed go for rom fighters