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01-09-2013, 12:04 AM
Hmm, me not so much, at least not for EVERY planetary map. New Romulus already has the feeling of a traditional ground-based MMO to me, except the quests are "ambient" and progress-based instead of "Do x number of y". That said, I prefer the New Romulus quest system to the Nukara Prime or Defera Invasion quest system, since you can do anything you like to get to 100% and more or less ignore the most boring (or hardest) stuff.

Rather, I'd like for SOME zones to be "New Romulus"-ized and OTHER zones, especially "peaceful" zones like Risa to get the "Q's Winter Wonderland" treatment. A medium-sized zone with regularly scheduled "event" quests that everyone can participate in.

Imagine it. Every 20 minutes, a Risa beach SHARK ATTACK where you fight sharks surfing in on the tide. And every 50 minutes, a Risa SWIMSUIT CONTEST, where only characters who bought the open jacket costumes are eligible.

And so on.