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Originally Posted by shar487a View Post
An extra Mk XII purple weapon will boost base weapon damage by 30%. However, keep in mind that this 30% is tacked onto a cumulative percentile damage bonus as opposed to being evaluated individually. Since energy weapon damage = 2% * current weapon subsystem energy, if you run your ship at 50 weapon energy and 4x 30% weapon consoles, then the total will be 100% + 30%*4 = 220% listed base weapon damage. Increase weapon subsystem power to 125 and you will see 250% + 30%*4 = 370% listed base weapon damage. Skill spec's will also add to the final figures above.

If you spot any errors above, please feel free to correct the errant figures.

Not quite that simple it is 30% of the weapon type's damage to which a bunch of other stuff is added. See this thread for the relevant details and a spreadsheet that works well.