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Yes ship tier thing is odd the way I put it in there. You just get a 50% bonus to your base per ship tier max being at tier 5 where the base is 3 times larger. So if we break down the TSS formula for TSS III with tier 5 ship

(100*(1+(ability lvl-1)/3)) = (100*(1+(3-1)/3)) = 166.6666

(ship tier*0.5+0.5) = (5*0.5+0.5) = 3

3*166.66666 = 500 which is the base number you used. The other two parts are the same.

I did only use 99 but I think my numbers are already high. I can?t check in game at the moment.

The reason I have the ship tier modifier in there is I am planning to make an Excel spreadsheet that you can enter in skills, gear, boff, etc. and it would tell you about what your power should be at. If I didn?t use the ability or ship modifier I would need to find 15 different base numbers. And more when they raise the lvl cap.
One other thing to keep in mind is power levels. Even if your toolbar says 50 it just might be 50.202 AUX that is effecting it. Just tossing out ideas.

Do the fleet ships act as tier 5 with the ship tier modifier?