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.:Rachel Victoria Johnson:.

Rachel Johnson was granted asylum in the federation in 2391, She was found alone aboard a drifting unknown vessel as the records show at nearing the age of 1, The Year 2389. From the vessels logs she was born in 2388. Her record aboard the ship shown she was of Royal Descendant.

She was adopted and given the name Rachel Victoria Johnson by her foster parents, A married couple of renowned Federation Scientists who were to research Rachels' species and to care for her. The Scientists soon realised Rachel's potential and began grooming Her for a Starfleet Career. In Rachel's learning curve She Studied Music and fine Arts, while She was Studied by many other Scientists in the Federation in the English University of Oxford, Rachel got her long awaited placement into Starfleet Academy and throughout her Schooling and Pre University Learning, she outperformed her professors expectations and sometimes startled her tutors.

She graduated Starfleet Academy with her Science Majors plus some amount of Engineering and Tactical knowledge. She finished her last year on her Captaincy training, soon after she was posted aboard U.S.S. Hoylake as Chief Science Officer and head of research. During a confrontation with the Klingon, U.S.S. Hoylake was heavily damaged and many crew had been lost, the Captain and First officer where among those. Still under fire Rachel managed to discourage the Klingon attack and save the Hoylake and remaining crew, Rachel and the crew successfully returned Hoylake to Starbase 157.
After giving a full report her efforts didn't go unnoticed and that also of her crew, She received The Cochrane Medal of Excellence along with The Starfleet Decoration of Gallantry.

In 2410 Rachel gained the Rank of Rear Admiral at the age of 22, one of few Starfleet Admiralty to boast this Achievement at a young age. She took it upon herself to take command of the Intrepid II Prototype, to which she named U.S.S. Cutty Sark.