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Originally Posted by thissler View Post
I took out the parts of your post that really weren't relevant.

Way to many assumptions. As in "more than one".

You need to know that canon in Star Trek is one of the weakest out there. Something you derive from something someone else derived from something someone else thought would make a great story, does not an argument make. It makes a mess.

"I want this ship because I think it would be super cool." probably would have sufficed.

And saved a lot of reading.

And can't be gainsayed.
You're probably right I overdid it a bit (or a bit more).
But believe it or not, since I've been on these forums, which is not that long compared to others, only since Jan 2010 I've heard/read pretty much every single one of those arguments.
Several times in fact.
Not always in this context (which was even more discussed before the Varanus was introduced) but in others.
For example "they are not explorers" was brought up when the question was raised why the Klingons can't scan/collect anomalies, which was later changed to the same form the Feds have.
So it's mostly a collection of statements from previous discussions on the subject.
I couldn't have come up with all of these on my own.

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