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01-09-2013, 02:46 AM
Originally Posted by weirdstealth View Post
over the last few days, I've been playing my favorite star trek themed RTS game/mod, Armada 2: Fleet Operations, and I was thinking, 'hey, there are some kick ass ship designs, some of these designs I'd love to see in Star Trek Online.'

So here's a short list, and some images of the ships.

Monsoon Class
Valkyrie MKIII
Remore Class
Avalon Class
Phalanx Class
Nebula Class San Francisco Type
Nebula Class Rigel Type

Proteus Class
Argonaut Class
Hayden Class
Courageous Class
Achilles Class
USS Yeager
Dauntless Class

I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum board, but I didn't see a forum board to post suggestions like this. Some of these ships I don't know if they've been posted or not, some of them are ships that have been seen in the TV/movies, and the rest are fan designed, but all of them are ships I'd love to see in Star Trek Online as either a stand alone player controlled ship or a ship costume.

If you feel I've left out some designs/ships, please feel free to point them out, I enjoy looking at star trek designs, tho I'm not a big fan of TOS era designs, I like sleek.
Monsoon Class, Courageous Class, and The Valkyrie Class I'll definitely agree with. However, legality wise it probably won't be possible for them to add them, unfortunately.

I can't wait until Cryptic finally starts creating their own unique ship designs. Hopefully some of them will be passable as civilian ships as well because I really want to do some civilian foundry missions as that has always been the one area of Trek that is pretty much still wide open for just about anything creatively.