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No offense to the Devs, but the Oddy's Bridge is a perfect example of exactly what's wrong with the entire thinking of the ship interiors. Don't get me wrong I love the idea of more futuristic bridge designs seeing as how this game is still stuck in the ST past (with very few exceptions), but form still has to follow function, and just like the Oddy itself the bridge it comes with is a oversized monstrosity of who cares about anything except if it looks good or if the camera will fit.

All of the movies after ST: Generations set a new design principle which was followed into DS9 and Voyager as well. Ships were designed to be smaller,sleeker, and more utilitarian than Utopian, and unfortunately STO has pretty much completely disregarded this.

Anyone that watched DS9 knows the Defiant is a tough little badass and it proved it many times.

Voyager made it what 70,000 light-years

Bigger isn't better and this needs to be translated into the new bridge designs as well as the new ship designs.

I like the Odyssey (Aquarius) bridge but have never figured exactly what purpose the lower-section serves that couldn't be undertaken on one of the numerous upper-level stations, especially since so few of the upper-level consoles/workstations are actually manned. And the way you get at least two BOFF's just stood there - no-where near a console/workstation - is odd too.
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Instead of asking the question "Why are players doing this?"

The question being asked is, "How do we stop players from doing this?"