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01-09-2013, 03:37 AM
Captains Log additional
Classify for Coded transfer to Imperial Science Directorate and Security.
Gunnery officer Malk at 07.18 hours reported to Security Officer Kang that two crew members had communicated that they were trapped in a corridor on deck 13 between two swirling areas of "laughing mist".
The mist was reported as reacting to external interactions , spreading out to evade weapons fire , Damage to ships structure has not been detected but weapons fire in the area of Engineering (Aft Port) was reported by security in the same time frame.
A report of an entity of "Apparent intelligence and Malice" which seems resistant to disruptor fire is a potential cause for concern.

These Crew members Gor'ak Son of Toth and Similok of Gorn were subsequently detained and questioned at length in security.
Checked for Drug or chemical intoxication in the Infirmary and scanned for Alien pathogens.
No evidence of any of these was found.

Security report that both crew members story are near identical and suspect collusion.

Acting on his own authority Gunnery officer Malk took the turbo lift to deck 12 and ran extensive sensor scans on the sub-structure looking for Subspace warping or dimensional shifting.
He reported that no such readings were detected.

I summoned my Engineering officer and ordered an investigation of the Turbo lift logs.
This revealed no record of Any crew member accessing deck 13 at any time.
Further scans confirmed what we already knew, The "Sword of honour" has 12 decks the same as it has since we were launched .
I am at this time at a loss to explain these reports.

Science Directorate standing orders require a full report of any encounter with non corporeal life forms or evidence of such.
I therefore make this report and suggest the two crew members should be transfered to IKSD Hq for detailed study and debriefing and Formally request that no more Gorn be assigned to this vessel.