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As I see it, hangar deck modules in STO are actually "fighter factories", replicating their daughtercraft as needed. And as we have limited autonomy of unmanned aerial vehicles even today, I just assume they all run on some autopilot, only to be manned if required for a special mission. So when they explode, I just have my ship replicate new ones.

The only thing this does not explain is why we are limited to two launches per hangar.
Much like UAVs are piloted by crews at a base, I believe carrier fighters are operated by pilots on the carrier. However, the carrier is limited by the number of stations/control frequencies on said ship - each hangar provides 6 "channels" to control their fighters, and certain craft need more staff / channels to operate, which is why the more advanced craft (runabouts, repair systems) use 1.5 channels each and KDF carrier-frigates use 3 channels to maintain all the advanced systemry...

However, these pilots either never went to pilot's school, or they adapted an "I don't care, since I'm not out there" attitude - I've been mildly successful in certain fleet actions at keeping fighters alive for multiple targets, for example, if my fighters are attacking from the "right" side of a target, and as it blows up I'm picking a target to the right of my fighters, they'll 180 to the new target and avoid the breach, but if I screw up and pick one to the left of the previous one, they'll barrel straight through the explosion (and pop) to rush to the attack...
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