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01-09-2013, 04:13 AM
Originally Posted by satanailofhwbg View Post
I'm quite confident, that this tactics can work with three in CSE IF it's me, Ferdzso and some other hi-DPS-er fleet-mate (I don't include the Cobalt-3M miners, cause they're another matter). I switched to total AoE setup since last week, and I know that Ferdzso has a higher DPS in his Vesta than I do in my 5 Tactical consoles ship. But I wouldn't try it in a PuG (and I'm a PuG-er). As an example is the following story:
why am I the only one with the same name on forums (more or less thx to the account linking) as ingame? who are you?

also to be fair, I deal more dps in my vesta than I do in MY 5 tac console escorts so at this point, I would blame the escorts (I know I play them wrong)

and yeah, CSE can easily be done with 3 players. with 4, with RML we did an easy job, and still managed to get a decent time on the timer left (well most pugs and elitestf folks would consider it a great time for even 5 ppl, lolz)