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01-09-2013, 04:14 AM
Originally Posted by omgrandalthor View Post
the targeting one is just a simple settings i have mine set up so i dont need to have a target selected to shoot it seams to select the target that in closest to the middle of my screen where im looking to shoot at other than that i dunno.
Hrmmm, nothing logically stands out from the few options available for something like this.

Reset inactive tab target
Click unselects target
Only attack if target selected
Select auto target on attack
Assist target on attack
Never auto target objects
Never auto target pets
Target threatening enemies first
Select attacker if attacked
Tab select offscreen targets
Auto attack:
-Toggle, change cancels
-Toggle, never cancels
-Toggle, non-combat cancels

Originally Posted by omgrandalthor View Post
the new shields make it super hard to see what they have on cause 3892748275043 resistance things all up in the way lol
Nah, they only had a combination of about 2-6 things on them. I'm wondering if it's a latency/desync thing - my hours are off, so there's a 4 hour period where my ISP makes me want to punch something (but "normal" folks are asleep then) and there's little I can do but chat in OPvP or do solo PvE things where the rubberbanding doesn't matter when you can play with your pinky toes. I never really paid attention to buffs/debuffs with that, but I did last night. Things were showing up late, not showing up, etc, etc, etc...