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I should get paid for this.

1. Career path change item at the C store.

Feedback: I am at a point in the game where I would like to change my main toon from science to a tactical captain. I have plenty of other tactical captain toons but there is no way I am going to invest the time it would take to require to get everthing involved to have a tactical clone (with the same reputation, upgrades like bank and inventory max etc. Doffs, Boff, Fleet credits, raid loot etc). How ever if there was a way to buy a career path change item at the C store I would and would be willing at this point to pay up to 3000 zen. The game would make money from Zen sales, players get to try new Career paths and dont have to regrind a new toon... everyone wins. We have skill changes cards, Name change card, etc where the career change cards?

2. Fix the console Viability balance by slowly adding stronger stats to consoles that have little to no viability and watch the market price as a gauge.

Feedback: Why are counter measure systems, Gravitation Generators, Inertial dampeners, Power Insulators, Sensor probes, stealth modules, (do I really need to continue this?) Emergency Fields, Injector Assemblies, and others etc even in the game? I would bet that if you look at every main toon on the server you would find all of these I listed filling a console slot on lvl 50 toons less then 1% of the time. Is there really any harm and maybe raiseing the stats on these consoles slightly to even 200% to give them some real viability to open some new build strats? In the case of field emitters, plasma manifolds, SIF generators and other semi viable consoles I beleive a slight increase in stats is in order. For the record I'm not saying that every console on the market should be super viable and equal in value, I just saying that some balance and slight changes in stats is in order.

3. Add new consoles to the game in the loot table and fabricate assignment table.

Feedback: We have plating and armor for hull damage resistance, wheres the shield Harding consoles for shield damage resistance? We have one console that works solely for kinetic damage resistance how about some sheild and armor consoles that work solely for the other damage types, maybe a console that reduces boff ability recharge time, or one that increases active doff procks etc.

4. Can we fix the assignment refresh select duty officer bug.

Feedback: why is it that many times when I go to an assignment in most cases where it was the same assignment I last did on that toon and when I go to pick my doffs I get a big 0 with no doffs on the list so then I have to go to another assignment look at the list of doffs to choose then X out and go back to the assignment I want to then see my doff on the list and select them.

5. Can we get a assignment stack feature for just certain assignments?
Feedback: For example if I want to exchange 1 green doff for 3 common with the exchange assignment at the acandamy is there really any reason why I cant just click a X 10 button to run that assignment 10 times all at once so I dont have to site there and waste 20 mins of my time dealing with bug listed in suggestion 4 and monotonously running this assignment over and over?

6. Can we get an assignment filter please.

Feedback: When looking for assignments there are some I'm never going to do. If a filter was added where there was a check box by an assignment so that if I check that assignment it would never come up on the list again until I go back in the filter and unchecked it, it would make life much easier on me.

7. == all ready in the game == thx to bortjix....

Feedback: Can we get a built in time clock on the assignments list that shows in how much time before all the assignments on the list are going to refresh.

8. Improve the Exchange search engine.

Feedback: I'm not asking for Google quality by any means but the engine is way to anal. "xi" to see only the mark xi would be nice, Phaser Array "VII" should be good enuff to list only phaser beam arrays at mark VII, also being able to search all that doffs just by characteristic would be nice. Example: I type in "spiritual" and click on the all doffs tabs with very rare drop down and it shows me all the very rear doffs that with the spiritual characteristic on the market. Thx for the new doff tabs that show engineering, science etc. that made things easier.

9. End game Loot Runs

Feedback: One of the things I dont like about this game is that most of the end game gear is Raid loot or Fabricate. In my humble opinion I would have to say the END GAME in general needs some real attention but thx for the new Reputation systems and Romulan quests for that was helpful but there should be some elite quality MK XII very rare drop loot run quests added. Players and fleet members can get together to have a chance to loot something great and put it on there ship or on the exchange and be excited about there time invested because they got that lucky drop. STK will drop MK XII very rare on elite but is way to boring of a quest and grindy with drop way to rare to be call a loot run and most players on in it for the raid loot ie omega points for the store. We need something challenging for the fleets or pugs of elite quality that takes at least 10 end game ships to have a chance to compete where theres no raid loot attachment where the end boss all ways drops a mk xii very rare or a chance of some un bound named loot .... and 5 or so lesser quest versions of this that are easier and take less ships with a smaller chance of good loot so the fleets and get together and really have some fun doing a good old fashion loot run.....

10. The Duty officers window and some other windows in the game should be able to be made smaller if you so choose.

Feedback: The exchange window when it comes up can be really small by going to the arrows on the corners and moving them in making it easier to manage other window that are all ready up. All windows in the game should have this.

11. Commas on the numbers BEFORE you hit the submit button on the exchange.

Feedback: When you sell something for 3 mill that was worth 30 mil it can really ruin your day because you couldn't see the difference between 39888888 and 3988888.

12. If you delete a mail and the next one one comes up on the mail list you should not have to click on it to see the items.

Feedback: How many players have lost items because they thought the mail was empty because they didn't click on it first before they deleted then next mail as they where cleaning out there mail box?

13. Any time items are deleted in a mail the should be immediately sent back to the sender of that mail.

Feedback: If a player wants to destroy items he should have to take them out of the mail and put them in inventory to recycle them. This would remove unnecessary pain from players who accidentally delete items in mail.

14. Max inventory on the exchange increase at the C store.

Feedback: For those who are merchants or have ferangi in there blood a max increase of items able to be posted on the exchange would be nice. Maybe max increase for one toon from 40 to 60 for 300 zen with a 100 inventory max after 3 upgrades. As it stands you can just buy new character slots for zen but then you have to go thro the hassle of mail stuff back and forth and that can be a pain.

15. Directed energy manifold mk xii rare fab bug.

Feedback: I produced through fabrication today a Directed energy manifold mk xii rare that in the inventory and in the assignment screen shows up as a mk xi

16. Quantum torpedo launcher exchange bug.

Feed back: When searching for "Quantum torpedo launcher mk xii very rare" on the exchange you get no results. To see these mk xii very rare you have to search for mk xi and scroll down the list.

17. On the KDF side, Visit your ship, Go to your Science assignment, under Data Sample Analysis, there needs to be a back button added after particle trace analysis like it is on the Fed side.

18. When officer training the filter setting should save after use.

Feedback: I think that in 90% of cases when I going to train my bridge officers with new abilities I'm going to use the same filters.

19 A assignment cool down list.

Feedback: It would be great if I could go to a list and see every assignment that does not have a possible of coming up on any assignment list because its still on cool down with timers stating how long before the assignment may be available again.

20. Exchange item selection highlight reset change.

Feedback: When looking at an item on the exchange for example if a player is trying to sell there dual heavy cannons and a player starts with his phasers and looks up a phaser dual heavy cannon mk viii very rare to see the going rate then clicks the sell tab and posts the item at the offering price of choice then returns to the buy tab to then get the going rate of the next item, lets say a disruptor dual heavy cannon mk vii very rare, the selection tab under ship equipment will jump from ship weapons to ship deflector due to the switching of buy tab to sell tab and then back to buy, so then a player will enter disruptor dual heavy cannons mk viii very rare and after typing all that in they will hit search which will miss fire the engine with the search coming up empty because ship defector is now highlighted. After waiting 5 seconds and trying to figure out what they did wrong they will re highlight ship weapons and get a search that works. this doesn't should like much of a big deal but when putting up allot of inventory it can be come real annoying. Please fix this.

more to come!!!!!!!!! Thanks for reading if you made it this far :-)

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