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Star trek feel... isn't that all really just personal preference?


Besides: What I gathered from the shows, the weapon range of space weaponry in Star Trek is somewhere between 50.000 and 300.000 km. THOUSAND!!! Range of sensors, visual and communication is even larger. Which makes sense considering the general speed these starships are supposed to be abel to travel.

So even if the effective range is closer, there would be not many space-dogfights in this universe, certainly not within the range they take place in this game (10 km lol)

On the bridge this is no big deal, you have sensors to detect other objects, you don?t have to actually look at the other ship to communicate or shoot it. If you want to see the other ship you just magnify the screen if it is within visual range.

But of course its not possible to show two ships being thousands of kilometres apart on the same screen and dogfights "toe-to-toe" are cool and people want action and shooting. So usually encounters where you can see the ships exterior are shown to be at a much closer range.

Which sometimes makes sense when one ship is beeing cloaked or in friendly encounters but often it is just ridiculous (DS9 Dominion war => facepalm)