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01-09-2013, 04:40 AM
Originally Posted by oldkirkfan View Post
Since I have made Tier 5 on New Romulus, I have been playing a lot more Foundry Missions.

I would like to thank the Authors for their time and talent, bringing us more 'diversions'.

I have had the pleasure of playing some incredibly well written stories, worthy of comparison to anything Cryptic can write. I wish I could "Point fingers and Name names".... but...

Anyone who has not played the foundry, for whatever reason, needs to do it. I regret not playing Foundries sooner.

**To Cryptic: Please allow us to Tip the authors more than once. A good story should be rewarded for each chapter. Not just the first one.

As I know I am one of the authors who had the honor of you playing my missions, let me again say thank you for playing my Spawn of Medusa series. You can definitely find a lot of quality missions on . We have a broad community there of Foundry Authors and also have all the spotlight missions, as well as a large number of diverse blog entries regarding all that is the Foundry. You can find a lot of new missions through posts there as well, and we also have a chat room where you can come in and meet some of the folks. Heck, you may even try your hand at the Foundry one day.
Anyway, thanks again for playing. We appreciate these posts speaking positively about the Foundry.

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