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Originally Posted by bortjinx View Post
But that means they won't get to sell as many character slots. Besides, it really doesn't take long to level to 50 if you put your mind to it.
I have 8 toons now with no plans to buy any more character slots or spend the time it take to re roll my main.
I'm pretty sure there are other players in the same position.
Its not getting to level 50 its rebuilding the Reputation the DOFFS and the gear that would take way to long. So long that I will just leave my main a Science Captain then Re roll him, but for 3000 Zen I would buy a Career token and change him career. The game would make money and I would be happier.

Originally Posted by bortjinx View Post
This already exists. In your Doff Assignments window, check the bottom left of the window. It has two timers on there. Top one is when sector space refreshes, and the bottom one is when your personal missions refresh.
thx for the update and the help with this

Originally Posted by bortjinx View Post
You mean the raid loot that you need never step into a raid to acquire? The STF loot is all part of the reputation system now, and apart from maybe the Borg Neural Procesors which you need for Mk12, you don't actually need to do STFs in order to unlock the reputation tiers and the loot stores. You need Omega Marks, true, but you can get those from the Borg Red Alerts I believe.

I'll agree with you on content for larger groups. Being able to do a mission with a group of 10 fleetmates would be very cool. At the moment, all we have is the Fleet Actions, which feel more like a competition than anything else.

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