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01-09-2013, 05:37 AM
Originally Posted by init0 View Post
Yes, the companies that have dreams and plans that stay dreams and plans are the companies who's MMOs go free2play within a year after the release (STO, SWTOR, POTBS etc.).

The companies that turn their dreams and plans into fun content are the ones that attract a stable and loyal player base and keep them for years (EVE Online, WOW, GW1, UO etc.).

Perhaps there is some sort of correlation between developer competence and success of the games they develop..? Who knows...
I'm sorry, but the plans and dreams for GW1 ? This game was lacking every tool current MMO have, and the ones the die hard community will be very vocal about. No exchanges, no LFG tool, no raids, no instances, not even race choice. And they never came, except for the LFG tool, which was useless. GW1 was just a l4d like game with a nice pvp. Until they broke the pvp.
I wonder why so many stayed on it, probably because it was free and they were new to MMOs.

Back to topic, social zone are not important in this game. Some people keep asking for it, and when they are ingame, it's not enough and they want more. There are several social area, and how many people use them ? New Romulus was a difficult map to do, and yet a lot of people avoid it carefully because the fetch quests are annoying.

I'd rather see them spend more time on new quests, faction or whatever, than spending the same amount of work on a map that will be used once or twice by less than 1% of STO community.

There are already several social area ingame. Not every planet can be turned into one, or the game will seriously lack content. If your favorite planet is not a social one, I'm sorry to hear that.