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Originally Posted by stirling191 View Post
98% of the roleplaying population avoids Drozana like the plague. If folks are going to try to demonize a group, do it for something that entire group does, not for the actions of a couple of nutjobs.
I was just trying to be funny, meaning no offence. Regarding rp, I rp in a cyberpunk chatroom regulary and I find its the erpers (or more accurately rpers who go beyond 'fade to black') that bring rp as a whole down (at least the ones who 'go public') ..the way I see it, keep it to pm when it gets heated and do what you like..just apologise if you mess up and mispost it in public, local or zone :p

Edit: Every time a thread like this has been made,
It's resulted in closure due to the forum rules not being followed. I can see it heading down that path. If you have a concern, please report the player to a GM so they can investigate. Cyber bullying, harassment, etc. are not tolerated in STO. If you need more clarification on what this is, please read our TOS/EULA. Thanks! ~Brandon

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