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Originally Posted by init0 View Post
The companies that turn their dreams and plans into fun content are the ones that attract a stable and loyal player base and keep them for years (EVE Online, WOW, GW1, UO etc.).
Lol, how long did walking in stations take to be realized? And how much content is there with that now?

Maybe you just weren't as emotionally invested in the features tossed around but not realized in those games. Or maybe they just don't share those ideas with the community as often as Crytpic does. Amount of personal disappointment is not an accurate measure of dev competence, especially when there are so many other factors (ie resources, team size, game-specific issues, community expectations) to be considered.

STO has a lot of things the devs talk about long before they're even possible. I like that the devs let the community voice feedback on these things, even though they haven't been really explored by them yet. But the drawback is feelings of entitlement and disappointment, and we have to keep in mind that this is expected to some extend as a consequence of the openness.

That aside, I'd love to see Andoria explored in more maps. Most of their cities are said to be underground. I can imagine an enormous cave, open to the sky at the top, where waterfalls from hot-springs fed by geotidal heat cascade past clusters of dwellings. Vegetation, sheltered from the surface winds, clings to the rock walls and forms alpine meadows in the furrows. Maybe someday we'll have a big-ticket piece of content that can bring a fraction of this to life in the game.

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