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Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
Had a classic fail earlier.

ISE - entered with my all-time favorite ship, my Fleet Rhode Island. I won't go off on one of my long rants, but the transformers were popped early, and we had a fool, flying a Sovereign class with all the Borg-visual nonsense enabled who obviously had a sci BOFF in the uni slot, and seemed to love popping GW at every oportunity.

So when the time came to pop the generator, genius fires off his GW again - right at the generator. Suffice to say, the normal spheres that were hovering above the genny get pulled into the generator - needless to say, this caused targeting issues for some, and resulted in plasma spam for all.

I advise said fool to use GW for crowd control, and explain that it's usually better to fire it off at the approaching nanite spheres if you're going to use it at all.

Reply forthcoming? "GW causes kinetic damage and hurts the generator". I TRIED to explain that the kinetic damage it causes is not really significant in said context, and GW is far better utilised as a crowd-control measure. I proceeded to demonstrate by popping GWIII at the remaining nanite spheres, which bunched them together nicely - one blew and the resulting explosion severely damaged the others.

This was not, of course, sufficent to convince genuis who proceeded to do the exact same thing with the second generator. One of the other players present chastised him for it this time and I, again, tried to point out that his use of GW was far from useful.
Assuming you have two people with GW and one of them uses it on the nanite sphere spawns, there is actually no reason what-so-ever to not use GW in the generator to pull the initial 2 spheres in so you can AoE them while burning down the generator. I do it often and it works fantastically. "Targeting issues" sounds like a pretty silly excuse to me to be perfectly honest.

The kinetic damage bit is ridiculous though.