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01-09-2013, 06:58 AM
This is the link to my "main" its rather lengthy to post here:


Iam writing a bio for all of my boffs, ill share one. This is the bio of my CMO / Chief Counselor Alarima.


-------Lt. Aramdiyisa Alarima Maal---------

Aramdiyisa Alarima Maal was the Chief Medical Officer and Ship's Counselor of the Federation Starship U.S.S. Nova Scotia (NCC-92709-A).

Alarima was born in Rolti, a village in the Hendrikspool province of Bajor in 2377. Her father was a village doctor while her mother was a sculptor.

Alarima's family was moderately religious and tried to balance their D'jarras and the freedoms of a post occupation life. Before the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor the Maal family is part of the Ih'valla D'jharra (Artist's Caste) but the Occupation forced Alarima's parents to help in the resistance medic tents. Her father and mother then proceeded to enroll and graduate from the University of Rixx on Betazed with a Medical Technician and Nursing degree respectfully in 2372. During the short D'jarra revival in 2373, Alarima's mother reverted to being a sculptor while his father remained adamant at being a medic. This proved a theme in the upbringing of Alarima.

In 2388, Alarima enrolled to a Federation sponsored secondary school with the help of her father. She wanted this school because growing up Alarima looked up to the Federation and its heroes and wished one day to be a Starfleet Officer or at least in a position to interact with the Federation on a daily basis. The decision was upsetting to her mother.

Despite this in 2394, Alarima graduated with top marks and enrolled to Starfleet Medical Academy in San Francisco to get her medical degree and in 2398 enrolled in Starfleet Academy next campus over to gain her officership and specializing in the skill set of a Councellor in addition of her Medical responisibilities.

In 2402, just after Alarima's completion of her cadet cruise on the U.S.S. London and just before entering Department Head school she took a six-month sabbatical to Bajor after the death of her mother. She dressed in traditional Bajoran garb the whole time she was there.

In 2403, Alarima served as a doctor on the U.S.S. Indianapolis and was given a promotion to Chief Medical Officer and Counselor in 2404.

In 2405, Alarima married the Bajoran civilian doctor Velak Qan after two months of courtship that began on a medical conference on Trill. She served one more tour on the U.S.S. Indianapolis.

In 2409, Alarima requested transfer by Starfleet Command to the U.S.S. Nova Scotia-A to be near her husband who was helping with the Romulan hospital on Mol'Rihan.

She is currently suffering from morning sneezing.


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