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*Dr Forest is still working on finding the tesseract, when the ship goes to condition blue.*

Chester *Over comm*: All hands, prefer for transfer of all personnel to S.H.I.E.L.D. Franklin D Roosevelt.

*After a few minutes, the entire crew is aboard S.H.I.E.L.D.'s new Super Carrier. Possesing one long main body instead of the standard secondary and primary hulls, its Nacelles have a Defiant-like configuration, being built into the hull. It has one long hangar bay, running through half the ship with a much shorter hangar bay above it. The length of the longer Hangar Bay serves as a CATOBAR-like device, propelling the fighters to high speeds on their way out of the bay. The ship has a complement of 16 Raptor-Class Fighters with 50 Shuttlecraft.

The bridge is incredibly large and is situated at the bottom of the ship, unusually. It has to sub-levels running in an arc either side of the centre station, which is a command chair with the capability to slide back and allow the occupant to stand at the station, which has two semi-circular holo-interface consoles either side, allowing the chair to slide back and the occupant to walk straight ahead to the wide, sweeping helm console. At the very back of the bridge is the S.H.I.E.L.D. Emblem with two doors on either side leading to turbolifts. At the hard-right of the room is a passage leading to the Conference Room, and at the hard-left is a passage leading to the Council Room, which has a locked door.

Chester enters the Bridge and presses a control on the chair, sliding it back so he can stand in the middle of the command consoles.

Hill leads the Operative and Forest onto the Bridge, as well as a Republic Officer who's acting as a liaison and observer.*

Tech: Warp Core online.

Tech 2: Subspace Coil active.

*Chatter continues in the background*

Tech 3: We're green, sir.

Chester: Let's get going.

Liaison: I'd hold onto your lunch if I were you. This next bit gets pretty nauseous.

Hill: Is this a Wormhole-Drive ship?

Forest: Really? They want me in a pressurised metal container travelling through a hyper-dimensional passage?

*The ship's nacelles engage and the ship moves out of drydock, approaching a wall. The whole crew feels a wave of energy pass through them as the ship passes through the holographic wall and enters hyper-warp instantly, causing a surge of what felt like compressed air.*

No, no, THIS is worse.

Tech: We're clear, sir.

Chester: Lets vanish.

*Hill walks up to the Command Station*

Hill: Engage Phase-Cloak.

*The ship phase-cloaks.*

Chester: Set course for Saron II. *Turns to Hill.* MIDAS picked up something odd and we're being asked to investigate. Until we know where the Tesseract is...

Hill: Agreed. As you say, "until such time as the Universe ends, we shall act as though it intends to continue spinning on."

Chester: Exactly. Has our probe found anything yet?

Hill: It should be approaching the Station now.

*Section 31 Gamma Quadrant Base. A probe approaches the base, staying undetected. It performs a 10 second scan of the base before shutting down.*

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