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01-09-2013, 08:24 AM
Originally Posted by oneandonlyrecce View Post
Strongly agreeing with a lot of what is being posted.

But the part we find hardest to do is the 1st optional, always run out of time. Generally we hook left and attack from that side, so that if everything does aggro the spawn point isn't overrun.

Have been trying the "coax out" method using an Escort, but think the "top-down" approach might have a lot going for it. Have been going "high" when everything has agroed to avoid being flanked / enveloped.

What's the opion on the Hudson / Houston. I know it doesn't do a lot of damage, but do you think it holds agro or not?
The way our strategy works.... we start on the left side, our Tank goes first and starts pulling aggro, the escorts come in behind and wipe out the spheres, Sci captain sub nuc the Tac Cube, then we wear down the Tac Cube.

The Houston is worthless in my opinion, it just aggro's everything and stirs up the hornets nest.

The big thing is to keep an eye on the Spheres during Phase One, if u have to disengage and regroup to take them out, do it. Folks have a tendency to focus on Tac Cubes, but the Spheres can do a lot of damage if left un-checked.