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01-09-2013, 08:31 AM
Originally Posted by osirisraa View Post
Fix the console Viability balance by slowly adding stronger stats to consoles that have little to no viability and watch the market price as a gauge.
I definitely agree on that, however, the crew bolstering consoles are probably powerful enough as they are, the problem is that your alive crew rating seems to be largely meaningless in practice; it needs to have a more pronounced effect on hull repair and/or hull-repairing abilities so that cruisers can actually benefit from having big crews.

The power boosting consoles definitely seem like they need to be scaled up in strength; a Mk XII Very Rare plasma manifold gives a measly +4 boost to weapon power; even though it's permanent it's not really much of a benefit. If the Mk XII Very Rares were +10 it might be a different story.