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01-09-2013, 10:24 AM
OK, using my second account and a laptop next to desktop I was able to do some testing. As per shar487a's suggestion I sat my ship 9.98 km away with weapon power set to 25.

I activated a polaron weapon 100 times, resulting in 100 x 4 beams being fired at the target. The target's power dropped 3 times.

I activate a Polarized Tetryon beam 100 times, resulting in 100 x 4 beams being fired at the target and the target's rear shield dropped 10 times.

This tells me two things.

1) The Polarized Tetryon proc is set to 10% as it should be.
2) Beam proc chances are calculated every time the weapon is activated, not when each beam is fired from the ship.

If premise 2 is correct, this would logically imply that Fire at Will doesn't increase the chance of procs occurring as the proc is calculated only when the weapon is activated. Could this also apply to cannons? If so then a dual cannon has exactly the same chance as proccing as a dual heavy cannon, meaning dual heavies would be clearly superior weapons.

Devs, are you able to confirm this?