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01-09-2013, 10:37 AM
I've been bouncing around the idea of a shield stripping build. This build is entirely in my head, I don't have the rep or equipment for all of it yet so can't tell you how effective it would be since I haven't touched Shield stripping since season 5.

Ship: Wells Temporal Timeship

Fore: 2x Plasma Single Cannons, 1 Omega Torp
Aft: 1 Experimental Romulan Beam array, 1 Cutting Beam, 1 Plasma Turret

Deflector: Omega
Engines: Omega
Shields: MACO or those sexy Fleet Elite Resilients with Res mods (haven't looked at the store to see the mods)

Eng Consoles: Zero Point, Borg, Tachyokinetic
Sci Consoles: 4 Flow Cap (you can get the Romulan Embassy consoles for more plasma love or those hull/shield heals)
Tac Consoles: 3 Plasma Energy weapon consoles (alternatively, if the cannons and turrets are just for the Glider procs you could for for the Plasma Torp consoles to make big Omega Torp Booms)

Cmd Sci: CPB3, Tachyon Beam 3, TSS2, HE1
Lt Sci: TB2, ST1

LtC Uni: EPTA1/EPTW1, Extend 1/RSP1, EWP1
Ens Eng: EPTS1

Lt Uni: TT1/THY1, APD1/CRF1

LtC Uni: TT1, APD1/HYT2, CRF2
Lt Uni: EPTS1, Extend1/RSP1
Ens Eng: EPTA1/EPTW1

1 x Gravimetric (Purple: 20% chance for 1000/sec rad dot on CPB), 2 x Damage Control Engineers, 1 x Tractor Beam shield drain Doff, 1 Tachyon Beam Turn Debuff (does anyone know if these actually work now?)

I haven't looked at drains, but does anyone know if Tractor Beam 3 with tachyon beam 2 would be more effective? Tachyon, has the 10k range, but is limited to the forward arc. TB has the 360 arc but 5k range, but can be fire and forgot and good for setting up targets for other people.

Basically you've got broadside and forward shield pressure with Tet Glider. TB and CPB are 360 degree, 5KM shield drains and tachyon beam for the forward arc. I imagine you could whittle someone down on the broadside with Tet Glider. Turn to the forward arc and snag them with TB, hit them with Tachyon Beam, then time a HY Omega torp with CPB. I don't think it will be a death by plasma build, but the plasma is just for added annoyance.
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