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01-09-2013, 09:39 AM
Originally Posted by ferdzso0 View Post
why am I the only one with the same name on forums (more or less thx to the account linking) as ingame? who are you?

also to be fair, I deal more dps in my vesta than I do in MY 5 tac console escorts so at this point, I would blame the escorts (I know I play them wrong)

and yeah, CSE can easily be done with 3 players. with 4, with RML we did an easy job, and still managed to get a decent time on the timer left (well most pugs and elitestf folks would consider it a great time for even 5 ppl, lolz)
Well...I couldn't tell left from right when I did my registration, my character has a female name (I thought I was naming the personage itself)
I'll give you a hint - it was the 1vs1 you did with me, after which you said that the Romulan T4 skill in an OP....and then it got nerfed

I'm still waiting for you to save for the right escort (FAE), so that I can figure out if it's worthy to use a retrain token on my captain.
Another hint - I probably got the first FAE in the fleet. Everyone seemed to be happy with their Fleet Defiants at that time.