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01-09-2013, 10:59 AM
Thinks I'd like to see in the C-Store:

* T5(+1) Connie (of the 1701-A variety)
* More KDF ships, but specifically spread out so there are Cruisers, Science Vehicles, and Escorts for each Klingon, Orion, Gorn, and Lethean races.

* BOff costume slots
* Career respec token.
* Race respec token.
* Trait respec token.
* More bank/inventory slots.
* A Tribble Terrarium (or otherwise dedicated tribble storage).
* Additional DOff assignment slots.

More Costumes, including:
* Remastered TWoK uniforms with all ranks.
* TWoK Engineering vest
* TWoK away team (heavy) jackets.
* TNG skant and Medical lab coat.
* More/any for the KDF, but stuff that can be worn by all KDF races.
* Especially more KDF footware, hairstyles, color pallet.

* Fleet mark pack.
* GPL pack.
* Lobi pack.
* Refinded dilithium pack.
* Zen pack (to send to other players).

* Account-wide "special" tactcial BOff (perhaps a "Veteran" BOff rewarded after the Dilithium Converstion in S5). With the Amazon Borg and Refer-a-Friend Photonic, my new characters start with permium-level BOffs in each engineering and science. And since Cryptic doesn't seem to be will/able to complete the 700-Day Veteran Reward, I'd be willing to pony-up and buy the unlock outright (again, only if account-wide).

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