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01-09-2013, 10:06 AM
Originally Posted by brandonfl View Post
There is no need for class balance anymore. Which has made the game horribly un-fun for anyone not flying a tacscort (the only role that still has meaningful synergy between captain skill and ship ablities).

The whole game needs a balance pass, and nothing should be left out. I don't care how much money people spent to get their stuff, if it isn't balanced, it needs to be tuned. There has to be a reason to bring a sci, a tac, and an engineer on teams (PvE or PvP). Right now, there really isn't, aside from the obligitory SNB (PvP only).
lol no reason to bring a sci? even in pve you need that sci healer so tacts can do dps. even in pve you need that engy healer. now for pvp why even bring an engy healer? tacts and sci is all you need. thats why in that 3v3 pandas got rolled. because we had a sci healer. now if its ground i can see your point. just stright tacts with mk12 fire team kit.