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01-09-2013, 11:22 AM
Originally Posted by voporak View Post
I did a CSE yesterday that just seemed doomed to failure.

I warp in, people generally go in the direction of the right probes. I and someone else take care of the first BoP spawns, an then I decide to go help out with the probes and the Negh'var that will inevitably spawn. So we kill all right probes and this cruiser with every color of the rainbow firing is hacking away at the cube, slowly. We're shouting to him not to blow it and we quickly rush to take care of the middle probes.

Too late. Green flash as we start on them.

One guy gets angry and says "this is doomed I'm leaving." and he bails on us. <snip>
I've got to admit, the STF I enjoy most is CSE when I team up with 2 fleet mates and PUG the other 2 places. We always do RML, killing the Cubes as we go. And when that 1st cube is killed, the comments range from "lost optional" to swearing about noobs. Then when that 2nd cube goes and the warship spawn is easily contained close to the 3rd, the comments change to "we might actually make this". And after the carrier is dead, there might be a comment that it was actually the fastest CSE run they have done, and "Why hasn't the Leave button appeared?".