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Originally Posted by satanailofhwbg View Post
Well...I couldn't tell left from right when I did my registration, my character has a female name (I thought I was naming the personage itself)
I'll give you a hint - it was the 1vs1 you did with me, after which you said that the Romulan T4 skill in an OP....and then it got nerfed

I'm still waiting for you to save for the right escort (FAE), so that I can figure out if it's worthy to use a retrain token on my captain.
Another hint - I probably got the first FAE in the fleet. Everyone seemed to be happy with their Fleet Defiants at that time.
wait, Renche right? if thats even a female name
anywho, I got the FAE long ago, I just had to go on a few SB24 runs, which I found boring, so it was a big thing (though managed to get the money in an afternoon)
also that high-dps fleet mate thing threw me off the hook to think you are from another fleet

Originally Posted by oneandonlyrecce View Post
I've got to admit, the STF I enjoy most is CSE when I team up with 2 fleet mates and PUG the other 2 places. We always do RML, killing the Cubes as we go. And when that 1st cube is killed, the comments range from "lost optional" to swearing about noobs. Then when that 2nd cube goes and the warship spawn is easily contained close to the 3rd, the comments change to "we might actually make this". And after the carrier is dead, there might be a comment that it was actually the fastest CSE run they have done, and "Why hasn't the Leave button appeared?".
to be fair. most people play with others who cannot even defend bops in normal, and when something like this happens, you are suspcious. I mean I am still pretty hesitant about RML, because you need to be good for that (well actually that is not right since RML on CSE should be the bare minimum a team should be able to do with the optional not lost), and most people are not

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