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01-09-2013, 11:04 AM
Jacob: Roland freeze that file. Can we download the whole file from the data stream thats left.

Roland: working on it now man they encrypted this file hold on a sec

jacob: keep at it roland im going to see what else i can find here.

Roland: file accessed wow shields been busy with that object. it appears its something called phase 2. its not just power they are trying to work on they are creating weapons to! these weapons would only be used for one thing ill give you three guess and its not normal people you would need these kind of weapons for.

jacob: thanks rolan go through all you can im going to have a talk with the director.

jacob soon warps to the super carrier and comes aboard heading right to the director. staying in his full armor mode.

Jacob: so you just wanted to use the artifact for power huh so what is this stage two file i found from my scan of the explosion sight . What are you really doing!