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01-09-2013, 11:49 AM
That's why I usually ask if we're doing MRRMLL in pugs.

Almost had a fail CSE, went in there with my Eng in a Chimera. Now, nobody was incompetent or anything, it was just the team we ended up with. There was another Eng in a Cruiser (A Fleetmate I'd run eSTFs with before, he's a good tank) - and 3 Science captains. That became... interesting.

MRRMLL, I handled Right lane, a Sci handled Left lane (lots of GWs and pushes from what little I saw, no problem). The 3 (somewhat slowly) cleared the Middle probes and went to Right. After I blow a wave of BoPs I blinked and counted - all three had come to me, nobody was handling the Middle lane! Evasive my way to Kang who was started to get pounded, down to around 90% hull with one shield facing down. I tossed TSS2, TT1, HE1 and killed the half-dozen Raptors alongside the other Sci.

Things went pretty smoothly after that, but the lack of DPS meant we got the optional with less than a half dozen seconds to spare.

Shortly after that, got another team for KSE - got just one Tac, in a cruiser. Another situation where I made better progress with one helper than the 3 on the other side. The two of us had gotten the 2nd transformer to half health while they still had both up, and at that point the three let 2 probes slip past and failed the optional.

When my Eng in a Chimera (with LtComm and Lt Eng BOffs) goes from secondary DPS (and off-tank, and supporting healer) to primary DPS I know it's going to be rough. Stopped STFs for the night, went and massacred ISS ships in story missions after that. (Gotta finish before the Reruns end! I was lazy before and ended up having to grab the Assimilated Console from Rep rather than mission rewards. )

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