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01-09-2013, 12:41 PM
Things I hated
The theme song, bah. Give me martial music for an adventure series, not a John Denver wannabe singing some melancholy dirge.
The NX-01, clearly an Akira with the engines inverted, like they couldn't even bother to design a unique ship for the show, it was too advanced looking, too streamlined, it doesn't look like a design that would have come before the original Enterprise. The ship should have had a much more primitive look, they would have been better off using the ship seen in the opening credits that looked like a Venture Star with warp nacelles and big rocket engines on the back, than a design that just looked out of place with the time line.
The Vulcans, changed from emotionless and logical to paranoid manipulators who have to take drugs because humans stink, these Vulcans would have never made first contact, they would have destroyed the Phoenix and bombed Earth from orbit to prevent the rise of a possible future enemy.
The portrayal of T'pol, a shallow character continuing the tradition of the bimbo in a cat suit bridge bunny from Voyager.
The decontamination chamber, oh yes, lets all get hot and sweaty in our underwear while we rub vasoline on each other, ahhh Yuck.
Plox's medical practices had more in common with that of a savage witch doctor than 20th century medicine let alone 22nd century medicine, great for comic relief but I'd never want to be one of his patients.
Time travel, the temporal cold war, done to death, Berman and Braga pretty much broke this magic reset button by pressing it too often by this time and the whole Xindi war arc was an attempt to rescue the series because they knew the temporal cold war was killing the ratings.
All of the times they broke canon, such as the appearance of Romulans shown flying in ships that were far more advanced than those used in TOS, in TOS they are an unseen enemy flying around in atomic powered sublight clunkers until they exchanged technology with the Klingons, in Enterprise they have ships little different from those they use in TNG.
The appearance of the Borg, centuries before they would be introduced, the introduction of various alien races ie the Suliban and Xindi that would never be heard from again in any of the entire rest of the Television series timelines.
The Captain, sorry but Scott Bakula just doesn't have command presence, as an XO maybe, but as captain, not a chance, he portrayed a character that was just too whiney and immature for the role of captain.
The whole Prequel premise of the show. When you have a long running series it develops a history, a lore of how events took place that you have to adhere to closely in a prequel to avoid looking ridiculous, Enterprise took that History book and mulched it before blowing it out an airlock.
To be fair I might not be giving the series a fair shake because I was over-saturated with all of the previous Treks and any new series just seemed to be milking a franchise that was getting old.
There were a few episodes I did like, the Mirror 2 parter was probably my favorite episodes of the entire series.