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Originally Posted by lincolninspace View Post
I was really disappointed that Andoria only has a boring surface map. I was really hoping that we could visit the subterranean cities and caverns that were shown in Enterprise. That show did a good job of fleshing out the andorians.

Yep, sure did. Though I imagine there'd be some differences between the Aenar city we saw and the more mainstream settlements. For one, the Aenar were discovered as a dwindling population not long before, so their current city might be more of a pre-fab housing project from the Andorian government than a more naturally constructed city. Perhaps the more equatorial cities have more variety in their structures.

And Aenar live in an especially cold region (even for Andorians). Presumably the Andorians get their nourishment from some sort of ecosystem, and I would venture a guess that there's at least some vegetation growing in deep chasms below the surface. Unless their entire biosphere is based upon some sort of sub-ice planktonic autotrophs. So the more 'typical' cities might still be chilly, but in more of a conifer-dotted grotto than the ice caves the Aenar dwell in.