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Originally Posted by alexwijn90 View Post
Begin December I went on vacation for a week and I was offline during the Christmas days.
I purchased some boxes to get more autographs.

Currently I have 593 autographs and I did not get the 40 autographs yet for today.

But if my calculation is right I will get 7x40 = 280 more.
At the final date I will have 873 autograph's. So I need 122 autographs more.

Is there any way to get more autographs,
beside the packages (what I already tried, as stated above) which get you only 3-6 autographs?

Thanks in advanced,
The cooldown on the mission is 20 hours, so if you make a concerted effort to log in and run the race every 20 hours, you will get another full run in. That would be 320, for a total of 913, leaving you "only" 87 short.

If you are EC rich and Zen poor, you can buy the keys and lockboxes from the exchange.
Worst case scenario, as malkarris stated, if you only get 2 lobi from each box (possible, but improbable) you need to open at least 44 more boxes to get the additional lobi.

But you also might get some stuff from the lockboxes that you could sell on the exchange and recoup your investment. Here's hoping the RNG gods smile on you.
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