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01-09-2013, 03:10 PM
I guess I'm fortunate in that I never got any of the Mk XII ground gear pre-S7 (I did get a MACO Ship Shield Mk XII, but that was my only Mk XII set piece), I'm not having any problems as I check off the accolades now.

I just finished the Adapted Commando accolade ("Collect all three pieces of the Mark XII Adapted MACO Ground Gear") and it's associated Costume Unlock Project (MACO Armor Series 4), last night. So I'm done with all the MACO ones - Woot, woot!

I'm about 325 Omega Marks from completing my Omega Force Operative ("Collect all three pieces of the Mark XII Omega Set"), which I think will also trigger Omega Force Shadow Operative ("Complete Omega Force Operative and ...Team Commander Accolades.") and possibly unlock one or two more Costume Unlock Projects. I should find out tonight.

I think that will finish all my STF gear accolades, and I'll start on the rest of the Space Mk XII pieces I "need."

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