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Twenty years ago, give or take, the Federation granted provisional member status to the ancient, fetid, reeking world of Arkath. The Arkathians, a race of taciturn, resentful, and mophologically diverse anthropo-arachnoids were invited to send their best and brightest to Starfleet Academy. After much nattering and bickering, the Arkathian genetic cooperatives sent Khas instead.

It was assumed Khas wouldn't make the cut. The surly and scowling alien had served as a mechanic on an Arkathian waste disposal scow, keeping the overburdened engines running and making sure the ship could continue to tow enormous piles of biological waste directly into the sun, but was otherwise considered unremarkable. He was dull and unimaginative even by Arkathian standards and his attitude, though ghastly, was considered to be "too chipper" by his peers. He surprised everyone by passing he entrance exams and earning a spot at the Academy in the Nimurian system.

Though his bad attitude and difficulty adapting to Starfleet culture almost sunk his career before it really began on several occasions, Khas learned to reign in the worst of his distemper, eventually showing a great deal of promise as a power-distribution specialist. His instructors wisely assigned him to a refit/retrofit team and put his expertise to use bringing old second-line and mothballed Federation starships up to modern standards. There was war all around and Starfleet needed every ship it could get.

Khas spent the next ten years steadily improving both his dispostion and his craft. He managed a promotion to Lieutenant and was put in charge of his own refit team. It was during this time that Khas would be tested under fire and emerge a tolerable, if eccentric commander.

Khas had been assigned to the USS Matterhorn, a cruiser so ancient that crew members claimed trilobites were infesting the lower decks. During the old ship's post-refit test run, word came in that an Orion slaver ship was spotted heading towards a small research outpost in the neighboring Vol system. The Matterhorn was the only ship in range to help and, despite being outclassed in every conceivable way, the captain ordered her in.

The fight went about like what you'd expect. Within the first few exchanges the Matterhorn was crippled and the main bridge had taken a savage beating. Most of the command crew was dead or incapacitated and overall command fell to Khas. The ship was tumbling, the warp core was minutes away from going critical, and Orion boarding parties were popping up all over the ship. Khas responded by ejecting the warp core, overloading a tractor beam emitter to fling it directly at the Orion vessel and blowing out the Matterhorn's deflector dish and most of her remaining power in a barely successful attempt to disrupt the Orion vessels' shields. The gamble, though extremely risky, paid off. Khas then lead what was left of the crew in a counter-action, killing or capturing the boarding parties. The Matterhorn drifted with minimal life support for another eight hours before being relieved by the USS Septimus.

In recognition of both his courage (or whatever passes for it among his kind) and terrible attitude, he was granted command of the newly-refitted escort vessel USS Bride of Quiet. Whether or not the notoriously misanthropic crew of the Bride will accept their new commander has yet to be seen.

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