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Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post
cure space elite, not for the klink ship but for the team on docks.

pvp nuff said. need for them. sci can heal way better and has subnuke
Again, a healer with the Kang is unnecessary. 1 escort takes care of the first wave of BOPs while the other 4 deal with the first cube. When you bring enough DPS, the cube goes down quickly enough for the escorts to return and assist with the Raptors that spawn. Then all 5 take down the 2nd cube and return before the the Negh'Vars can get to the Kang. That is the basic strategy my fleet uses. It's all DPS. Occasionally, the kang might need a TacTeam and a HE, but escorts can do that. This strategy works in all the STF's (pure DPS), and usually leads to much quicker runs.

edit: Okay, I'll give you the Hive Elite one. That is 1 mission in all of STO where something other than a tac in an escort is handy. I will say, however, that you can get that subnuke out a sciscort. This game does nothing to encourage balanced teaming in PvE, whatsoever.
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