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01-09-2013, 03:41 PM
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hi, im quite dissapointed with the boertasqu. Maybe im a noob driver of carriers couse the biggest thing i had was a negh var, but the command bortasqu its really giving me headaches. I'm not dealing any damage against spheres and obviously against i using in the wrong way my disruptors? why is it better 8 beams??? 8 beams aft and fore seems crazy and nonsense. i got AFT: 2 beams and 2 torpedos FORE: 2 beams and 2 torpedos---i use the borg set (4 pieces)---and almost all mk11 consoles, includiing 2 mk12 on science---
WTH am i doing wrong???
6 beams and either 2 torps, 2 DBBs, or the omega torp and cutting beam. Chained EPTW1 also helps with all that drain. Or maybe 4 single cannons and 4 turrets. Yes you can mount DHCs, but it'll be a pain to stay on target against anything faster than a Borg Cube.