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01-09-2013, 03:43 PM
Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post
as i said not for klink ship for for the team thats killing off the dock. maybe even debuff the spam clumped togther with a sencor scan. to be honest a team of tacts can cross heal sure. but again the sci can as well as debuff. even if its not really needed. its the engy thats left in the dust. what a dps healer? sci can as well. but to say for pvp all you need is tacts? thats just pure fail. tacts and sci for pvp. if anything cryptic needs to see its own fail for pvp and pve. for ground pve i would just rather have tacts with a mk12 fireteam kit since all others ground kits are fail. i may not understand much of ground but when its explained to me i do understand. and since the new mk12 kit for engy and sci suck well.......tacts are getting a huge buff every patch that goes by. im not sure why. just look at the rep system. tacts can either go placate or sheild and either way its more of a buff to them.
I never said you didn't need sci for PvP. I said you didn't need anything other than DPS for PvE, and tacs in escorts do that best.

I have flown sci/sci in PvP for almost as long as I've been playing this game (3 years), it is truly essential in that environment. Just not in PvE.