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01-09-2013, 04:09 PM
Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
I still feel kinda like an idiot now even though it seems I'm at least partly right since there are still versions of the Varanus out there that work like this and several pieces of info in the Wiki are unreliable as well.
So there was no reason for me to assume the ship was changed so fundamentally without any part of it affecting my own ship.

I took that screenshot the day I posted it (you can see it's a post S7 screenshot due to the "reputation" tab).
I also know for a fact a good friend of mine also has one that still works the old way.
But appearently it's naiive to assume it's the same for everyone else as well.

Seems kinda weird but appearently with STO I can't even expect that my ship works the same way another ship of the same class does.
To me this says a lot about the way the folks at Cryptic work because this pretty much goes against just about everything I ever learned about object-oriented programing, or software design.
Let me be the first to offer my sympathies. And here.....

Glad you could make it!

Welcome to the land of foggy descriptions, poor tooltips, oh and the list goes on.

Did you hear the one about the vendor they set up so players could turn in legacy consoles that the server sweeps missed? Good stuff.

By the way I set up my first Varanus as an all plasma burner as well. Good times.

And you're STILL not getting a scout ship. Unless you ask nicer. Offer to make them cupcakes and do QA.
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