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01-09-2013, 04:38 PM
Nononono.. you have to PAY THEM MONEY UP FRONT... just so you can be treated like a life time subscriber...

*3 years and zero updates to the Captains table...I'm beginning to wonder if there ways I could monkey wrench STO to tell the truth. Mybe then we might get a compnay making multifaction MMO's that might just do it right.

Honestly cannot belive TSO got voted best Free MMO... because its far far far from the best.. very little content compared to ohhh half a dozen mmo's I can think of off the top my head..Free to play MMO's taht aren't even as greedy at trying to such the players money.. NCSofts still pretty after all these year **** comes to ind.. do fior a major facelift in just a few months.. ((Yes **** is free to play!))
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